Welcome To Aarogya Medico

Aarogya Medico, is one of the famous and most updated Diagnostic Centre with Specialty Polyclinic. It has latest state of art equipment. The Centre is centrally air conditioned and gives you a soothing ambience to brighten up your mind. It is run by well trained and patient friendly staffs. It is strategically located on Ground Floor, Chowhati, Dhamaitala More. 2, Surya Sen Block, Rajpur-Sonarpur, Kolkata - 700149 and is accessible by all mode...

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Why Choose Us?

Best Lab

We have all latest machines for different diagonistic tests.

Best Stuffs

We have very professional, hard working and friendly supporting team.

Reasonable Cost Services

Cost of our different diagonistic tests are very reasonable compared to others.

Test By Organ


Track your heart's vital


Keep you kidneys healthy


Support your liver


Manage your blood sugar

Test By Habits

Junk Food

Stay away from junk food


Drink less, think more


Quit smoking & be healthy


Keep stress at bay

Our Happy Patients