About Us

Aarogya Medico, is one of the famous and most updated Diagnostic Centre with Specialty Polyclinic. It has latest state of art equipment. The Centre is centrally air conditioned and gives you a soothing ambience to brighten up your mind. It is run by well trained and patient friendly staffs. It is strategically located on Ground Floor, Chowhati, Dhamaitala More. 2, Surya Sen Block, Rajpur-Sonarpur, Kolkata - 700149 and is accessible by all modes of transport.

Guiding Principles

There are 5 guiding principles governing how all relationships within the organization and with its stakeholders (patients, doctors, suppliers, bankers, etc.) should be approached:

Trust: Mutual and unconditional trust are important in the development and maintenance of relationships, be it business or personal.
Transparency: Decisions are to be made without any hidden agenda. The why's of any actions should always readily be available for concerned parties to see.
Mutual Respect: It is important to respect the individual for what he/she is and not to have prejudices of any type towards anyone.
Win / Win: Dealings within relationships ought to be approached from a position of considering the optimal outcome for both parties.
Long Term Commitment: For any effective relationships to be built, it requires time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality services in healthcare and diagnostic industry by introducing path breaking technologies and maintaining the utmost objectivity, integrity & the highest scientific standards of quality and accuracy.

Our Vision

To introduce innovative and high-tech equipment providing better diagnostic service and prevention of diseases with emphasis on Nidaan Polyclinic & Diagnostic Center playing a vital role towards making us responsible and reliable global.